Our Herbarium

Friends, aided by the generous donation of specimens by Dr and Mrs Wallace, established the Herbarium. An herbarium is a collection of preserved specimens usually in a dried form mounted on a sheet. Friends and volunteers manage the Herbarium for the Gardens.

Eurobodalla Regional Seed Bank

In 2012 the Friends, in partnership with Council, successfully sought $370 000 funding to establish a regional seed bank of native plants in the Gardens collecting region.  The collecting region has a geographical base that covers the catchments of the district's three large rivers, the Clyde, the Deua and the Tuross in addition to portions of the Mongarlowe and Bermagui River catchments.

The project is developing a reliable source of native seed and seedling stock targeting high conservation value ecosystems, over-cleared landscapes and identified corridors of local and regional significance on the South Coast of NSW. 

Over time it will enable land managers to expand and reconnect habitat on their properties through mixed species plantings appropriate to the locality. This will help build landscape resilience, improve connectivity and ensure the retention of natural diversity.